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Honor Guard Oath

Written by Thomas J. Matousek Jr. Forest Park Local #2753



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2018 Daniel J. Bower Commitment To Excellence Award was awarded to John (Kevin) Hauber Local #3177 .


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IAFF Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial Colorado Springs, CO September 13-15, 2018 Antlers Host Hotel

AFFI 27th Annual Honor Guard Convention,Collinsville  IL January 25-27, 2019



Our Mission

The Mission of the AFFI Honor Guard shall be to Promote the Associated Firefighters of Illinois, the Locals therein, and the fire service as a whole, to the public, in a positive and proper fashion. To Provide, as a line of duty death benefit, dignified, honorable services for fallen AFFI members, their surviving family members, and union brothers and sisters through organization of and participation in funeral and memorial services.

Our Oath:

AFFI Honor Guard Oath: The AFFI Honor Guard Oath was written by former State Commander Thomas J. Matousek Jr., a retired member of Forest Park Local #2753. He was asked by the Honor Guards first State Commander Jay Bishop of Springfield Local #37 to come up with an Oath for the Honor Guard. The Oath is memorized by each and every Honor Guard Member who swears to uphold the traditions which are exemplified by the words written in this oath.

TO HONOR, TO CHERISH, TO REMEMBER, TO SALUTE, WITH OVERWHELMING PRIDE FOR YOU, MY COMRADE I WILL: These are the words that help guide each Member of the AFFI Honor Guard as they train, teach, and finally assist in services for our fallen Comrades.








Colorado Springs Information:

Brothers and Sisters:
                  The IAFF Fallen Firefighters’ Memorial is just around the corner. I wanted to pass on some information for those who will be attending.

The Command Staff has decided that those who participate in the practices and memorial will get credit for a drill. In order to do that, we need to track attendance. We will have a short meeting at the Hotel Elegante on Thursday following the International meeting. That will give us a chance to get together to plan the weekend, as well as provide District sign-in sheets. We will also have the sign-in sheets available at the AFFI tent on Friday for anyone who gets delayed, or doesn’t arrive until Friday.

For those of you getting the travel stipend, don’t forget that you are required to be at the meeting on Thursday, the practices Friday and Saturday, and the Memorial to qualify. Hopefully, you have all received your payment by now. If you haven’t, we will work with you to make sure you get it when you get back to Illinois.

Travel safe. We’ll see you next week in the Springs.

Fraternally, Jay


Letter of thanks

Click Here to read the thank you letter from Chief Peter Van Dorpe, Algonquin Lake in the Hills.

Letter of thanks



Commander Bruno,


I would like to say thank you and the AFFI Honor Guard, from the bottom of my heart, and my families, for the love and support everyone from the AFFI Honor Guard showed my family, myself, Kevin’s daughters and wife, and most importantly Kevin! My family and friends were beyond impressed with the incredible send off for Kevin there was both at the wake and funeral. It was a tough two days, especially seeing everyone walk up in their Class As because I knew what that meant. So I would like to apologize if I came across rude at any point. When seeing everyone walk up I would get choked up and could not talk at times. The emotions would come flooding in and then disappear. Kevin’s daughters were able to see the respect and love everyone had for Kevin and I think there could not have been a better way for them to be Proud of their Dad. The AFFI Honor Guard truly made a lasting impression on ALL of Kevin’s co-workers, friends, and most importantly, our family! I am really going to miss my brother, especially coming into work and not seeing him occasionally coming off shift. We had our differences but I loved my brother. But the members of the AFFI Honor Guard has definitely made it easier. I am very proud to be a Member of this Honor Guard.


Thank you all, Jim Hauber and family

2017 AFFI Honor Guard Scholarship

The AFFI Honor Guard has implemented a Scholarship Award for dependents of children whose parent died in the Line of Duty. The Scholarship amount this year was $1,000 awarded to children who applied for a College or University this fall.  Here are photos of the Awards Ceremony where Aidynn Lexi Chism was awarded $1,000 towards her school fees at Parkland Community College for fall semester 2017. 3rd District Commander Alan Meyer, Champaign Local #1260, presented the Award at her High School Awards Night.


2017 AFFI Honor Guard Convention Recap


Words cannot express my sincere appreciation to the Convention Committee, District 2 & Spouses for hosting the 25th Annual AFFI Honor Guard Convention & Induction Ceremony. Job well done my friends.


As a tradition in honoring our fallen Brothers & Sisters from the previous year, we tied ribbons into the Honor Guard flag in memory ofKenneth Harris L-95 & Michael Pontius L-441, and all IAFF Fire Fighters who made the ultimate sacrifice in 2016.  May their memory live on forever in our hearts. 



This year we welcomed 68 new inductees and recognized our Charter Members for laying the ground work that we have today. In a coincidence that was not unnoticed, we had 343 registered members for the 25th Annual AFFI Honor Guard Convention. Helmets were presented to the AFFI Executive Board for their commitment & leadership.


Distinguished guest speakers were our Illinois State Fire Marshall Matt Perez, as well founding Commander Jay Bishop & 2nd Commander Thomas J. Matousek. The AFFI Honor Guard Daniel J. Bower Commitment To Excellence Award was presented to 8th District Pipe Major Chris Coomes, Lombard Local #3009.  Chris is truly a role model for all of us to follow in doing  “Whatever It Takes”.  Our 2017 Knockdown winners were CJ Coburn & Mike Dickinson.


We made history by celebrating 25 years of something they said could never be done. To all past & current Honor Guard members, I salute you for your dedication and devotion in honoring our fallen for the the past 25 years. Let us never forget sacrifice and honor their memory. To Bruce Brown, Bob Welch & Derek Foster who traveled from California, New Hampshire, Minnesota, thank you for being part of our HG Family. To Commander Lauren Constantino of the Girl Scouts Honor Guard for fallen fire fighters, it's been our pleasure to assist you and the Girl Scouts for the past few years. But most importantly, our congratulations to you on being awarded the Gold Award for establishing your HG. The highest award given within the Girl Scouts. I know your father is looking down with a huge smile on his face.


We made new friends and rekindled memories with old friends. Our HG family continues to grow each year and what a great family we are. Honoring, Cherishing, Remembering and doing "Whatever It Takes" for our fallen Brothers & Sisters. Until we meet again, take care of one another, stay safe.


Jeff H. Bruno, State Commander


Training Reminder:

This is a reminder that if you will need to complete 3 required trainings (One can be Convention), prior to October 31, 2017 in order to qualify to go to Convention in 2018. Please go to the Districts page to see upcoming drills in your area to meet your required trainings for the year. If there are any questions as to what these requirements are, please refer to the By-Laws.  Remember, you can always attend another District's Drill location if it is closer to your home.



2018 AFFI Daniel J. Bower Commitment To Excellence Award

AFFI Honor Guard Daniel J. Bower Commitment To Excellence Award was presented to 5th District Drill Captain Shawn Collins for John (Kevin) Hauber of Buffalo Grove Local #3177 who could not be in attendance, as he is on hospice. During Kevin's difficult battle with cancer, he made sure that he was available to make drills or activations, even when he struggled with his own health issues.  Kevin is truly a role model for all of us to follow in doing  “Whatever It Takes”.

Sadly, on January 27, 2018 Brother John (Kevin) Hauber lost his battle with cancer.  May he rest in eternal peace.

Photo by Larry Shapiro.

AFFI Honor Guard Jersey's

For Memebers looking to get an AFFI Honor Guard Jersey, please visit our Member's Section.





Photo's are available from the 2018 Honor Guard Convention


Here is the link to view and order photo's from the 26th AFFI Honor Guard Convention. http://wcsphoto.zenfolio.com/f700260597

Thanks again to Stephan Bates for taking photo's at the convention again this year.  Here is his information:

WCS Photography
1215 E. Wilson Ave
Wheaton, IL 60189

2015 IAFF Fallen FF Memorial

Friends, co-workers and family members arrived in droves on buses, in vans and a thundering caravan of motorcycles in the northwest corner of Memorial Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to honor all of the IAFF members who have perished in the line of duty since 1918, the year of the International’s original charter.


The crowd of more than 6,000 stretched up the park’s sloping hill, sat and stood facing the rebuilt Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial with Pikes Peak gracing the western horizon. The circular Family Band of the new memorial, with its foundation of repurposed granite walls from the previous Memorial, surrounded the families of those fallen in the past year.


The new Memorial, constructed over the past nine months, now includes the names of 7,352 IAFF members -- fire fighters and paramedics -- who have died in service to their communities since 1918.


“We have now placed all of our union’s fallen -- dating back to our founding -- in the memory of the living, by engraving these hallowed walls with the stories of their service and sacrifice, and by reading their names for all to hear to, memorializing them for eternity," General President Harold Schaitberger said.


The Memorial service included a recommissioning of the new Memorial and all of the traditional elements of past services, such as the posting of colors, the Honor Guard and pipe and drum, the laying of the Memorial wreath, the reading of names with a ringing of the bell, and a prayer from IAFF Chaplain Father Thomas A. Mulcrone.




Mission Statement

The Mission of the AFFI Honor Guard shall be:

A.    Promote the Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois, the Locals therein, and 
        the fire service as a whole, to the public, in a positive and proper fashion.

B.     Provide, as a line of duty death benefit, dignified, honorable services for 
        fallen AFFI members, their surviving family members, and union brothers
        and sisters through organization of and participation in funeral and 
        memorial services.


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Activation Notification

When a Line of Duty Death of any Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois Member occurs, this home page will be the place for finding information about line up, visitation, and/or funeral arrangements. Information is posted here as quickly and as accurately as possible. E-mails are also blasted to members on the above Newsletter list, as well as the AFFI blast e-mail system. Please keep in mind that although there may be a firefighter death, the AFFI Honor Guard is only activated when it is requested by the family. A request from that members Union President goes to AFFI President Pat Devaney, who then activates the AFFI Honor Guard through State Commander Bruno.





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