AFFI Honor Guard Guidelines

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Honor Guard Oath

Written by Thomas J. Matousek Jr. Forest Park Local #2753



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2019 Daniel J. Bower Commitment To Excellence Award was awarded to Leo Riley Local #3033 .


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Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial September 19-21, 2019 Colorado Springs, CO

AFFI Honor Guard Convention February 7-9, 2020 Naperville




AFFI Honor Guard Guidelines


The AFFI Honor Guard Command Staff & Training Committee has worked hard over the last several years to develop Guidelines that are based not on military standards, but on the way we do things in the Fire Service. Granted, there are many great traditions of military honor guards that are incorporated into how we operate, just as there are many guidelines in our Fire Service operations. However, it must be emphasized that the Fire Service, although a paramilitary organization, is different in many ways. As our Honor Guard evolves, so too do our Guidelines. When changes are made, they will be posted here for you to view. The Command Staff & Training Committee ask that you please use these guidelines when teaching drills, so that our trainings are consistent through out the State.


Included in the below Guidelines are the above mentioned training operational Guidelines.  Followed by valuable information for those who are a member of the 8th District Pipes & Drums.  The 8th District Pipes & Drums require you to be a member of the AFFI Honor Guard for one year before you can participate.  This will allow you to gain an understanding of how & why the organization works the way it does.  After your first year is complete, you can train with the 8th District and become a member of the Pipes & Drums after a one year training period.  The next packet is a sample Employee Emergency Information packet, which is designed to assist members of a Fire Department in the event of that member's unexpected passing.  Finally, there is a sample organizational assistance packet which will help your Local in times of a sudden loss.

  1. AFFI Honor Guard Guidelines 2012 Version

    AFFI Honor Guard Pipes and Drums Information Packet


  2. Sample Employee Emergency Information Packet

  3. Sample Organizational Assistance Packet

  4. AFFI Honor Guard History

  5. Member’s Last Wishes Survey

  6. Definitions of Preparing for funerals

  7. 3 Fire Service Levels of Funerals Offered






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